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1. Project Overview


Design an e-commerce website for a store selling lingerie

image 37.png
Design app and website for a store selling lingerie. They want to build a platform to attract and retain customers. The website pages should be aesthetically pleasing, intuitive to use.
They hope that the website will be a delicate and simple design, and which is pleasing to use.
- Responsive e-commerce website
- Figma and Maze

- About 56 hours

2. Design process

Step 1: Assumptions
deneiyi & products

Target audience


Main competitors

- Deneiyi is a store selling lingerie with a simple and attractive design.

- Focus on women between the ages of 22 and 35 who prefer simple, comfortable products but still sexy with quality materials

- Variation products
- Simple purchase process
- The search box displays full information (name + image + price) about related products.
- Focus on mobile interface
- Set of sticky icons for social networking and contact on mobile interface
image 116.png
image 113.png
Group 34.png
Step 2: Wireframe Sketches
I started sketching different versions and capturing my ideas by pen and paper quickly. Then I sketch carefully in my final version which it enables me to examine my ideas before putting everything in the daunting process of digitizing.
- Because this website focus on the mobile interface, so I started all of my design mobile-first.
Group 36.png
Step 3: Low-Fi and Responsive Wireframes
Once I decided the visual direction of the layout I want to go for, I started to produce a digitized, low-fi version of wireframes based on sketches. Responsive wireframes are created for mobile.
Group 28.png
Step 3: Mockup & Hi-fi Prototype
Final mockup for lingerie website.  Responsive mockups are created for mobile & desktop.
Mobile interface design
Group 215.png
Desktop interface design
Group 213.png
Step 4: Survey design on Maze
Finally, I make a survey for this project to receive feedback and improve the website. I will pursue more usability testing on the updated and enhanced features of the prototype.
Group 216.png
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